Whirlow Farm

What a great day we had at Whirlow Farm. The sun was sunny and all the animals were out and about. We collected eggs,stroked rabbits and had lunch in the sunshine. It was lovely!  


Bear Hunt!

Today was amazing! We went to Botanical Gardens on a bear hunt. It was a beautiful day and the children has a wonderful time. They retold the story, looked in bushes, knocked on doors and we finally found the bear.  


Local Area Walk

We went for a walk around our local area. We spent our time looking at what was there. We saw houses, shops, cars and buses. There was even a park. We are going on various visits this term and we are going to look at what is the same and different about the areas we visit comparing them to Shirecliffe. If you go out ask your children what they can see and what is the same and different. 


First week at school! 

Hello lovely F2 families. Here is our first blog. We have had a very busy week. We have started phonics, done P.E and been upstairs on the top yard. We have missed you a tiny bit but we have had so much fun. Here are some photos of us learning and playing.