We went on a bear hunt!

What a beautiful day we had for our bear hunt. The sun was shining and guess what we found a bear. Although you won’t see him on these photos because I left my camera at school. I will blog them on Monday


Local walk

Here we are on our local walk around school. We know that we live in Sheffield and Paige told us that Sheffield is in Yorkshire!    

Golden Time.

For our Golden Time we had our very own Little Watercliffe Got Talent. The children were eager to show their skills, singing, dancing and telling jokes. The audience showed their appreciation clapping and cheering their friends.





Phonics Workshop

It was lovely to see so many families stop for our phonics workshop today. The children impressed us all by singing the songs and doing the actions. Why not come along and join in the fun, our next workshop is on Thursday 29th September.




Big shout out to our wonderful families!

Thank you so much for coming to our phonics workshop this morning. The children just love seeing you in their class and gives them a chance to show you what they are learning. If you did not come today so not worry there are more to come. Come along and see what little stars your children are.


Today we have had our first P.E. lesson in the hall. We moved in a variety of ways walking, jogging, galloping and tiptoeing. We listened to instructions and made a statue when asked to stop. We finished our lesson with a game of Duck, Duck, Goose.





Little Big Maths.

This week we have been doing Little Big Maths, counting to 10 in a variety of voices, squeaky, robot and quiet. We then did jumps and claps counting to 10. On the whiteboard we watch Ten Town listening to songs and stories about the numbers.