Amelia’s Sow and Tell.

It was our first show and tell today and Amelia fetched her lion teddy in. She told the children that she got it for her birthday when she went to the Safari park. Amelia answered lots of questions from the children.



Joe’s show and tell

Joe did show and tell today. He bought in his favourite toy, a Spider-Man. He did very good talking and answered all the questions.

Show and tell

Today was our first show and tell session. Blair bought in a special teddy from home. We will be sending a letter home when it’s your child’s turn. Don’t forget to talk to them about what they bring in so they have lots of information to tell us.

Home learning 

A selfie home learning letter went out on Friday. We are currently learning about cold places and we suggested you visit Weston Park Museum as it has Arctic world and a giant polar bear. It’s also free to get in!!! Please send us your out and about selfies…..I am waiting 👍