John Paul’s Show and Tell

John Paul brought his Lego plane to show us today. We found out that it is a rescue plane that lands on the water and it has a little boat in the back. The boat rescues people from the water! John Paul told us that when he lands it he has to very careful because it is fragile! He keeps it on some shelves at the bottom of his bed! Well done John Paul you told us lots about your plane! 

Keyaan’s show and tell

Keyaan brought his Superman toy to show us today! He told us ‘I bought it for my birthday. It’s Superman. He can do the splits.’ He answered lots of questions from the children and we found out that his mum and dad bought it for him. Well done Keyaan! 

Zaid’s show and tell

Zaid brought his octopus to show and tell today. He told us he got it from Argos in Meadowhall. He went with all his family. We found out that it is called Octopus Terami and it only has 7 tentacles! He likes it because it’s so fluffy! Well done Zaid!

Yabsera’s Show and Tell

Yabsera brought his super Spider-Man clock to show us. He told us that he got it from Meadowhall. He showed us how you can set the time and the alarm using the buttons on the back! He also showed us how it lights up so that he can see the time in the dark. He answered lots of questions about it. Well done Yabsera!