❤️ a big thank you from us to you❤️

Thank you for letting us share a wonderful year with your amazing children. Thank you for sharing the happy times, achievements and believing in us. Thank you for all the gifts, cuddles and tears. Have a very happy summer holiday and enjoy every minute. 


Here they are….

The top readers in F2GL. So proud of these amazing children, they have done 40 reads this term again. You too can get a ready badge if you do your 30 summer reads and 10 more before Christmas. Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Reading badges

It is that time again. We will be checking how many reads the children have done at home. Please make sure you write in their reading journal and bring their book bag to school. The children get very upset when they miss out on their reading badges. Let’s end the year on an all time high 👍👍