Christmas Parents Workshop

Calling all our lovely families in F2 please come along on Monday 1st December and get all Christmassy with your children. We are starting at 9am with lots of sparkly activities for you and your child to get stuck into. Come and help decorate the tree and get messy making some feet snowmen. We will even get the children to sing you some Christmas songs!

Library visit

Our first visit to Southey library on Monday was a big success. The sun shined and it was a lovely autumn day. The children loved looking at the books and took time looking for our 101 reads. We had a wonderful time. Take your children to the library over the holidays and let them show you around.





Library visit

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Yesterday the F2 children went on their first visit to the library. We walked there and back and were very sensible when we crossed the roads! We really enjoyed looking at and sharing the books and we were very quiet! We can’t wait for our turn to go again!

The House of Magic

Today the F2 children went to the odeon to watch the film The House of Magic. We loved the film especially the part when Thunder found a family. All the magi tricks were great. The children were so well behaved and although they got wet on the way there they never moaned. Well done you wonderful children.





Learning Keys

We started our learning keys this week and the children have worked really hard to get them all. Every time the children do a learning key task they get a key. There are 4 altogether and they have all week to get them. Once they get them all they receive a certificate. This week every child has got at least one. Try really hard to get more next week. We are really proud of you.


Good Talking!

Today we talked about bonfire night and what we did. We had to stand on the good talking box and start our talking with.. On bonfire night……. The children tried really hard and used their best talking voices. Mrs Bradley had a go but she was not as good as the children. We even described the fireworks. Wow what good talkers we are!